The Child Within


This is an uplifting tale of a child’s innocence, experience and growth through adversity, culminating in her emotional and spiritual strength. It is the author’s own story of her experiences of the institutional years of the NHS through the 1950’s, 60’s and the resulting courage to commence nursing training during the 1970’s. It also highlights childhood at a time when the demand for housing outweighed the country way of life. All told is an autobiography that hints at the explanation as to how and why Lynn is called to her creative way of wishing to help others. Her simple illustrations add to the compelling effect.
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As a story of the author’s childhood it holds the key to the past to open the door to the future. It is profound and truthfully depicted to encourage the reader to look within his or her own past and answer the questions which have remained buried by adulthood.
She did not want to be alone; it was not of her choice or making. Those who comforted her now could not hold or caress her. They could not kiss away her tears or make her safe from an unknown future.


Much of her childhood was spent in hospital and convalescent homes. The reality of her young life was mostly governed by the NHS in the 1950’s and 1960’s. ‘Say goodbye to your mummy dear.’ The nurse smiled, but not with her eyes.


The reader follows Lynn’s life in her childhood town of Dunstable, acknowledging the changes in her family life and that of her surroundings.
The little gang went back to playing on their hill. ‘It won’t be long before they take this away from us as well,’ said her brother.


As a teenager, dogged once again by ongoing health problems she fights to eventually become a nurse. She well deserved the college prize she had received years previously for ‘The Best Endeavour in the Face of Adversity.’


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