Time and Tide


Time and Tide was published as an anthology of original maritime verse with pen and ink illustrations during 2005.The illustrations were taken from collector’s photographs and old etchings as well as creative character drawings.

Self published as a soft backed A5 book its content includes factual historic text to support the poetry, varified by Brian Patterson, then curator and Keeper of Historic Boats at the Historic Dockyard at Portsmouth and author of the foreword.

Highly recommended for its artistic merit and historical authenticity Time and Tide is available at a realistic price of £5.00 plus P&P


The Royal Flotilla

Throbbing diesel engine, throaty so of voice,
Leaving now the harbour, leaving of her choice,
Chugging little motor, sister to them all
Feeling the excitement, answering the call,
Sophisticated cruiser cutting water well,
She is one of many, meeting on the swell,
Single seated kayak brave her captain be,
The joy of his conviction sending him to sea.
Ex-naval vessels answer a call within the heart,
Returned again to service, proud to take their part.
Renovated trawlers with week end workers keen
Jostle for position upon this royal scene…………..


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